SHOT instant pleasure

  • Drink all at once
  • Effect in 15 minutes
  • 1 hour of pleasure

PRIME long feeling of happyness

  • Serve on rocks
  • Effect in half an hour
  • 4 hours of pleasure

GOLD enrich your life

  • Drink every day
  • Intencity grows over time
  • Length grows over time

How does our brain fall in love?

Brain scheme

Almond-shaped body

Almond-shaped body — regulates all our emotions. This is where the specific receptor for phenylethylamine is located.


Hypothalamus produces endogenous phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter which is similar in its action to amphetamines. It causes the feeling of happyness while one is in love.

The visual cortex

Unlike animals people tend to identify each other using vision rather then smell and touch. The signal from visual cortex makes hypothalamus produce phenylethylamine which in turn activates the receptors in the almond-shaped body. This leads to a feeling of joy. This mechanism allows us to fall in love and feel happy when we see the belowed one.

Tushem bottle

Endogenous phenylethylamine in our brain is destroyed by the enzyme monoamine oxidase in a matter of minutes that is why the exitement passes so quickly. One bottle of Tushem can keep phenylethylamine level high for an hour.

SHOT instant pleasure

The active components of the drink start working in the mouth. You mood is rapidly getting better and peaks in about 15 minutes.

290 RUR/50 ml


PRIME long feeling of happyness

Unique formula helps prolong the euphoria for hours while you enjoy deep taste and aroma of Tushem PRIME.

690 RUR/125 ml


GOLD enrich your life

Colloidal gold in Tushem Gold enhances the pleasure. Regular consumption leads to a permanent state of high spirit.

790 RUR/125 ml


Tushem BONUS loyality program

Our loyality program offers various discounts and priveledges. The higher your level the greater the discount.

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